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    Welcome to V-FLO Pumps & Systems!







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    Copyrighrt 2017  V-FLO Pumps & Systems Company Limited  京ICP备09096875号-1           

    Hotline(Monday to Friday, 9:00~18:00)

    Company address: No. 31, Zizhu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. Please call 0086-10-51906628 5 0086-10-88580150.



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    Industry Application 

    Production Capacity

    Casting: VOD, AOD and LF melting and refining furnaces output capacity of 40,000t per year, Max. single weight up to 25 tons.


    Forging: Free forging, die forging and ring forging with a capacity of 60,000t.


    Machining: More than 300 digital controlled lathes, large & medium-sized CNC, such as OKUMA, OKK, MAZAK and DAWEOO 

    horizontal machining centers, turning centers, vertical machining center, boring and milling centers, MORI SEIKI horizontal

    machining  center. Working capability up to 2 million hours.


    Test Loop: open and closed, are capable for 380V, 3300V, 6000V and 10000V, motor power up to 5000KVA; The open test loop

    with water depth of 12m and 3600m 3 capacity satisfy most of demanding test requirements of a centrifugal pumps and systems.


    Annual Output: 8000 units of pumps, including centrifugal pumps, sealless pumps, positive displacement pumps, sewage pumps

    and high-speed pumps.


    System Integration:

    Auxiliary and control systems can be arranged and supplied as per requirements in terms of specifications, standards, vendor lists

    and operation conditions.

    ● Auxiliary equipment: Lube system, sealing system, flushing system, coupling etc.

    ● Driver system: Motor, Steam turbine, Diesel engine, Hydraulic turbine, etc.

    ● Control system: Pressure control, temperature control, Vibration Monitoring, Oil monitoring and leakage monitoring etc.

    ● Electrical control system: DCS, MCC, MMS, VFD system and LCP, etc.


    V-FLO Workshop:

    ● Complete production process from raw material Lab tests, parts and components fabrication, machining, pump assembling to

    NDT, dynamic balancing, performance test, painting and packaging.

    ● 20,000m 2 working area with lift cranes up 32 tons and 12m in height.

    ● Precision of balance equipment is up to G1.0.

    ● Performance test loop for 380V/3300V/6000V/10000V, motor power up to 5000KW; with advanced automatic data collection

    and handling system at Class B accuracy.