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    Welcome to V-FLO Pumps & Systems!







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    Copyrighrt 2017  V-FLO Pumps & Systems Company Limited  京ICP备09096875号-1           

    Hotline(Monday to Friday, 9:00~18:00)

    Company address: No. 31, Zizhu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. Please call 0086-10-51906628 5 0086-10-88580150.



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    V-FLO Teams  

    V-FLO as a High-Tech Enterprise certified by Beijing Municipal Government, has 3 R&D centers located in Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang. About 100 experts, professors & senior engineers in the technical department are engaged in the R&D of pump products, applied to the R&D of petrochemical machinery products, as well as the design of related technologies, research on new materials and new technologies. The whole process of R&D, design, production and inspection strictly follow the quality management systems of API Q1, ISO 9001 and so on.





    R&D Domains & Directions


    Basic R&D:  Hydraulic performance, high resistance of cavitation, corrosion prevention ,wear-resistant new material and fabrication process.

    Product R&D:  Petrochemical pump products, pumps and related devices for large-scale water conservancy projects, pumps for power plants, pumps for general use, and pumps for nuclear power plants.



    Partners for R&D


    Tsinghua University                                         Benxi Water Pump Factory

    Jaingsu University                                           Kiamusze Canned Motor Pump CO., LTD

    Lanzhou University of Technology                Luoyang Shuangrui Casting CO., LTD

    Shenyang Pump Research Institue               The 11th Institute of China Academy of Launch Vehicle

    Harbin Electric Corporation                           Kiamusze and Nanyang Explosion-proof Research Institute